The Rx for International Physician Communication Skills

Our passion is to empower international doctors who are launching or advancing their careers in the United States.

Building rapport with colleagues and patients is a vital part of being a practicing physician.  It’s more than just working on your accent.  It’s about becoming a great communicator.

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Programs for Individual Physicians

All of our programs are intended to help you become a confident and compassionate communicator.   

Road to Residency

The Road to Residency program is perfect for international physicians who are in the process of applying for residency or fellowship positions in the US.

Attending an interview for a position when English is a second language can be difficult, so it’s important for physicians applying to be prepared to confidently answer the questions the interviewers ask and to remain culturally aware as well.

Teaching those skills and best practices to international applicants is the focus of the Road to Residency Program.

American English for International Doctors (Eng4Docs) will help physicians improve their spoken English skills and develop the emotional intelligence that is necessary to effectively communicate with patients and colleagues. 

Ineffective communication skills can impede career development and growth, so it’s important to improve those skills so they don’t affect career trajectory or interpersonal relationships.


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