A Resource for Program Directors

  • Program Directors can be assured that their international residents will become the confident, compassionate communicators necessary for excellent patient-centered care.
  • International residents will be able to build successful doctor/patient relationships and strong inter-professional team connections
  • International residents can modify their heavily-accented English and save time by using the voice recognition software commonly used for dictating to the EMRS.

Ensure IMG Residents Meet Their ACGME Communication Milestones

All of our programs are intended to enhance the English communication skills that are needed for international physicians to meet and exceed their ACGME Milestones.

Customized Program for

IMG Residents


  • We provide resources and tools to help your residents develop effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • We aim to help your residents build rapport with patients, their families, and colleagues in the healthcare industry.
  • Through our program, your residents can translate and share information accurately and efficiently, leading to fewer errors and better patient outcomes.
  • We are committed to working alongside you and your residents to meet the ACGME’s Interpersonal and Communication Skills competency.
  • Together, we can ensure that your residents develop the necessary skills to communicate effectively, build strong relationships with patients, and deliver quality medical care that meets the needs of the communities they serve.

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