How I Went From a General Language Instructor to a Language Specialist for International Doctors

I’ve spent over 20 years helping people master the English language.  But now my focus is helping international doctors remove language barriers that keep them from achieving the very best results in their medical careers in the United States.

I had been an English language professional for many years when one student changed everything.

I was working as an ESL instructor for professionals when one of my students presented me with some unique challenges. 

Through the course of working with him, I realized that there was a big, unfilled need for specialized services and information for others who were in the exact same position he was in.

And I wanted to help.


It all started with one ESL student who was a physician.

This student of mine was a physician from Vietnam who was trying to earn a residency position in the US. As we worked together, I realized that there was a long and arduous path to landing a residency seat for any physician.

And that path was made even more difficult when communication difficulties were thrown into the mix. I knew that if this young gentleman was struggling, there were many more like him who would go through a similar struggle.

Better Communication Has Far-Reaching Benefits

I started researching the requirements an international doctor must meet in order to be successfully placed in a residency slot. I also started working with other young international physicians who wanted to launch or advance their careers in the US.

Through this experience, I started seeing that the effects of communication difficulties went much deeper than I had originally thought.

I learned so much from the doctors I was working with. They would share with me inspiring stories that helped me understand how profound their results were…and how they extended far beyond simply not having to repeat themselves frequently.

Improved communication skills can help international doctors in the following important ways:

Increased Participation

International physicians who are confident in their English skills participate more in conversations with other physicians and are more willing to speak up in meetings.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Patients who fully understand the important and sometimes complex information a physician shares are more likely to report higher satisfaction on surveys.

Closer Colleague Relationships

International doctors need strong support systems to adjust to their new life in the US and being able to develop closer relationships with their colleagues helps with that transition.

Increased Perceived Competence

Effective English skills allow physicians to share their expertise and knowledge clearly with their patients, patients’ families, and other physicians.

I Would Love to Connect With You

It has become my passion to help international physicians get the residency placements of their dreams and feel confident in their abilities to advance their careers.

Whether you’re a doctor who feels you need to improve your communication skills or a program director with several international doctors in your charge who could benefit from enhanced communication skills, I would love for you to reach out.

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