Welcome to Houston English Language Professionals!

Our passion is to empower international doctors who are launching or advancing their careers in the United States.

We strive to understand the struggles you experience, from becoming ECFMG certified, to preparing for residency interviews, to the everyday communication demands of a medical professional.

Products that I offer:

IMG Networking Challenge

Take control of your professional networking activities.

ERAS/ Personal Statement Bootcamp

Unlock your path to residency success with personalized ERAS application support, videos, and 1:1 coaching.

Interview Mastery

Step-by-step guidance on preparing for your interviews. Gain clarity and confidence with the guidance of an experienced mentor.

Cross-Cultural Communication Elevation

Equips you with essential communication skills necessary for effective interaction with patients, colleagues, and staff.

American English Pronunciation

Designed specifically for IMGs aiming to enhance their spoken English skills, this course offers a targeted approach to language proficiency in American healthcare settings.

Simone Brown

Hi, I’m Simone!

I have been an English language professional for about 20 years. After working with a physician from Vietnam who needed help with his spoken English, it was clear to me that there is a broad need for physician-specific English communication programs.

I realized that physicians have unique vocabulary requirements, so I began focusing my energy on providing the skills and tools that international physicians can use to communicate clearly and effectively, taking cultural nuances into consideration.

Communication barriers can affect patient outcomes, patient comfort, and relationships with colleagues.

Communication difficulties erode confidence. Within a few short weeks, I can help international physicians address multiple issues that could cause problems with patients and colleagues so they can carry their newfound confidence throughout their careers and interactions.


Ineffective communication is a barrier to building rapport. When both pronunciation and cultural nuances are fully understood, physician rapport between patients and their colleagues is much easier to build and maintain.

Protect Your Perceived Competence

Misunderstandings and communication errors can make a physician feel as if their competence is called into question. Speak up, share information and ideas with confidence and protect your reputation and confidence.

Enhanced Interviewing Skills

Whether competing for a residency, interviewing for a new position, or holding patient interviews for research, feeling as if you’re misunderstood or not getting your point across is frustrating and unproductive.

Praise From Past Clients

Language Barriers Can Cause Other Problems, Too

Whether you’re a physician struggling to communicate well or a program manager with multiple international doctors in a program, the following problem areas could affect your career or program.

Doctor in burnout

Increase in Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is already an issue with many doctors. But extended communication issues can make this problem much worse.

Patient Satisfaction

Decrease in Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction can affect a physician or an entire practice. Lack of clear communication can diminish satisfaction quickly.

Doctor recording voice note on patient

Transcription Software Issues

Errors in transcriptions when international doctors use speech recognition software for patient notes can be avoided with clearer communication.

All of these problems can be solved with effective and clear communication between international doctors and their patients and colleagues.